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after neville takes over as a professor in Hogwarts he gives Molly the names of all the children who don’t receive presents and she knits them all a jumper so at Christmas you get a parade of kids walking around the halls snuggling all these oversized one lettered knitted weasley specials

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Marvel Cast - TIFF Vanity Fair Portraits

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I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself.

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Game of clothes [1/∞] 

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A  s m i l e  is the prettiest thing you can wear.

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i had wings once, and they were strong.

      but they were s t o l e n from me.

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You’ve given them an opportunity. They just have to be brave enough to take it.”

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it’s good to be back, I’ve missed my babies [you guys], remember, feel free to shoot a message for a chitta chatta pitta patta, I’m up for whatever. 

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such a beautiful place, to be with friends.



Let’s play a fun game called “we’re just friends but I’d fuck you if you asked”